Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find out about concerts, offers and activities at Stadtgarten?

Information about upcoming concerts, offers and activities is available on our website. It is also recommended to subscribe to our weekly newsletter and to check our facebook page and Instagram. Print versions of our monthly programme are available at Stadtgarten itself. You are more than welcome to take a copy.

Where can I buy tickets to events at Stadtgarten?

Tickets for all our events are available online at and/or and/or as well as at all ticketing agencies in Cologne. Further information and ticketing links for events can be found on our website. At Stadtgarten itself, tickets can only be purchased at their box office for events on the day itself.

What are the box office opening hours?

The box office normally opens one hour prior to the announced starting time at the Concert Hall, and half an hour prior to events at JAKI - Klub at Stadtgarten. Note: The box office does not open when the concert is sold-out.

Is it possible to make ticket reservations/pick-up arrangements at Stadtgarten?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make ticket reservations.

Until when can I pre-book tickets?

Online bookings are possible until 3 hours prior to the concert’s announced starting time. Pre-sales for events on Saturday and Sunday are possible until Friday evening.

Is the concert seated, and if so, can I make a seat reservation?

The Stadtgarten Concert Hall allows for three different set-ups:
· Concerts with seat reservation: At some selected concerts we offer the possibility to purchase a reservation for a numbered seat as well as cheaper tickets without guaranteed seat (standing or seated).
· Partially seated: The Concert Hall uses a mixed set-up with seating and allocated standing area. It is not possible to make any seat reservations for this set-up. There is no entitlement to a seat.
· Without seats: There is no seating at the concert. There is no entitlement to a seat. Note: It is not permitted to bring additional seats into the Hall (bar stool or similar). These could be dangerous obstructions in case of an emergency evacuation.

Seating plans for individual events can be found on our website.

JAKI - Klub at Stadtgarten is partially seated for a few concerts (e.g. Jazz@JAKI), but generally not. Seat reservations are not possible.

Who is eligible for concessions?

Pupils, Students and Köln-Pass holders are eligible for concessions, if concessions are on offer for that specific event. Concessions are not available for all events.

Can I purchase gift vouchers at Stadtgarten?

Concert vouchers for events at Stadtgarten are available at our ticketshop . Gift vouchers for our café-restaurant (indoor and outdoor) are available at the restaurant counter during opening hours.

I use a wheelchair. Is the entire Stadtgarten accessible? What do I need to know?

The Concert Hall, café-restaurant and the adjacent toilets are accessible for wheelchair users. Please email us about your requirements prior to the event so we can make the necessary arrangements.
Unfortunately, "JAKI - Klub at Stadtgarten" can only be reached by stairs and is not accessible to wheelchair users.

Is there free entry for an accompanying person for disability card holders?

Disability card holders (type B) who are dependent on an accompanying person pay the normal admission fee, whereas the companion receives free entry.

I am under age. Can I still attend a concert or party if accompanied? What are the requirements?

For all parties, the minimum age is 21 years.
For concerts, if unaccompanied, the minimum age is 16 years. Visitors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult who is either a legal guardian or has written permission from the legal guardian to accompany the minor to the concert.

The according passage from the German Protection of Young Persons Act:
§ 5 Dances
(1) Children as well as Adolescents below the age of 16 years must not be permitted to attend public dance events unless they are accompanied by a Custodial Person or Person with Parental Power. The time limit for Adolescents as of 16 years of age shall be midnight.
(2) Presence of Children until 10 p.m. and of Adolescents below the age of 16 until midnight may be permissible for dance events sponsored by a youth welfare body or for artistic participation or folklore programmes.
(3) Exceptional permits may be granted by the applicable authority.
More information about §5 (3)

What can I do if the Concert Hall/Klub is full?

At parties and free concerts, we may stop letting visitors into the venue due to safety regulations. We kindly ask for your understanding in case of queueing times as a result thereof.

Film and audio recordings

Film, photo, audio and video recordings of any kind are not permitted. Media accreditations are available upon prior email toElla O'Brien-Coker. For all events run by a concert agency, please contact the agency directly.

Lost & found: Who do I contact if I lost something at Stadtgarten?

If you lost something, please send us an email, or contact our local staff. Gastronomy opening hours: daily from 12.00hrs to 24:00hrs.

I come by car. Where can I find inexpensive parking?

We recommend using public transport. Stadtgarten is situated 2 minutes from the underground station ‘Heinrich-Böckler-Platz’ (U-Bahn 3, 4 and 5). Also 2 minutes from the train station Köln-West.
Unfortunately, we have no visitor parking area. Possible parking spots are available opposite the Aldi/Rewe (paid) or in the surrounding streets (partially paid).