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The KulturPass is an offer from the federal government for anyone celebrating their 18th birthday in 2023. From their 18th birthday, they will receive a budget of 200 euros, which they can use for tickets to cultural events, among other things.
How does it work?
Anyone who lives in Germany and turns 18 in 2023 can register for the KulturPass. Registration is verified using the online ID procedure. A budget of 200 euros is then available, which can be used for all KulturPass offers. These include, for example, tickets for concerts, theatre performances, cinema visits, museum visits or parks, as well as books, recordings, sheet music or musical instruments. The desired offer is reserved via the app and then collected on site.

Special offer: 111 Vouchers worth EUR 100 each
The venues of Cologne's independent music and theatre scene (Cinenova, Comedia Theater, Theater der Keller, Theater im Bauturm, Stadtgarten Köln), which are members of Off-Cologne e.V., are giving away 111 additional vouchers of 100 euros each for all KulturPass participants. First come, first served: The offer is valid from 22 November 2023 and only until all vouchers are gone.
How does it work?
Anyone who books an admission ticket in the KulturPass app via the QULTOR ticket portal will automatically receive a voucher for 100 euros. The voucher can then be redeemed again at QULTOR until 31 December 2024 - for even more concerts.

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Special offer: 111 Vouchers