With over 400 events a year, the Stadtgarten Köln is one of the internationally recognized venues in Europe for the field of current and improvised music and was upgraded to the "European Center for Jazz and Current Music" in 2018. The program in the Concert Hall maps current developments in the field of jazz and contemporary music, with an explicit interest in artistically ambitious pop music, singer/songwriting and new and electronic music.

The concert hall was opened on September 04, 1986, by the Initiative Kölner Jazz Haus e.V. opened. More about the history of the Stadtgarten can be found here.

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JAKI - Klub im Stadtgarten is characterized by its wide musical range: From jazz to hip hop and soul, to electronic music and reggae, everything is represented here. With "Jazz@JAKI", on the other hand, JAKI presents itself in the old tradition. Following the example of the New York jazz clubs, there are also concerts here with modern mainstream jazz. But experimental and current forms of rock and pop music also have their place at JAKI, making the Stadtgarten club a multifaceted party and concert location.

In October 2019 JAKI, named after CAN drummer Jaki Liebezeit, celebrated its grand opening.

Still very young, but already known everywhere as a Cologne "concert oasis": The GREEN ROOM. With its very special ambience, the new open air venue invites you to a diverse range of live concerts. On Sunday, Jazz@GREEN ROOM will feature contemporary jazz, while on Monday, NICA live will feature selected artists from the NICA artist development program NICA artist development presenting their musical ideas.

Since April 2020 the GREEN ROOM has been added as an open-air concert space. Born more out of necessity, it is now considered a permanent venue of the Stadtgarten.