Shake Stew

The 2021 German Jazz Award winner in the category "Band of the Year International" Shake Stew present with their fifth album "Heat" a mix made of hypnotic Afrobeats and ecstatic sound eruptions that is addictive!

Hardly any other band has turned the Central European jazz scene upside down in recent years like Shake Stew. While the ZEIT called them "Austria's jazz band of the hour" and the NDR elevated them to the status of a "cult band" early on, it has been clear since the awarding of the German Jazz Prize 2021 at the latest: something has started rolling here that has never existed in this form before. From the very beginning, the formation created by bassist and composer Lukas Kranzelbinder has been surrounded by something mystical, which in a live concert ignites an immensely evocative effect that few can escape. British magazine MOJO writes: "Able to blind you into a trance and make you dance to your knees, Shake Stew twists, blisters and burns like a fevered dream!"

Despite their unusual line-up with two drums, two basses and three horns, the band always manages to take their listeners of all ages with them in an incredibly direct way - whether in front of a standing audience, in a packed club or in the sold-out Great Hall of the Vienna Konzerthaus. The musicians do not limit themselves to hypnotic Afrobeats and driving rhythms in their music: on the border to absolute silence, they create sound structures that are at least as deeply touching in their tranquility and fragility as the preceding groove explosions.

Sun, 15.01.2023
Concert Highlight!

Lukas Kranzelbinder (double bass, e-bass, Guembri), Astrid Wiesinger (alto saxophone), Johannes Schleiermacher (tenor saxophone, flute), Mario Rom (trumpet), Oliver Potratz (double bass, e-bass), Niki Dolp (drums, percussion), Christian Eberle (drums, percussion), Tobias Hoffmann (guitar), Angela Maria Reisinger (vocals)

Jazz, Afrobeat, Krautjazz, Explosion

concert hall Start 18:00 Doors 17:00

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The concert is unseated. There will be no seating.

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