Lyschko © Lukas Kleimt / She Dog © BPJ

Kölner Bühnensommer mit Lyschko & she-dog

Der Eintritt ist frei. Bitte buchen Sie sich zwecks Kontakrückverfolgbarkeit ein Tisch für zwei bzw. vier Personen.

In search of answers to the essential questions of Generation Y: "Who am I and who do I want to be?", the four young musicians find themselves somewhere between despair and romanticism, current post-punk and the wave of the 80s.

she-dog (aka. 'bitch') is emotional overreaction from the catacombs of Cologne. The word bitch is alienated in itself with she-dog: exaggerated, returned to its origin, repeated, stroked and shouted at. Wilma, an English bulldog bitch, is the fourth band member in this.

Lei Macolata (bass, vocals), Daisy Heroine (guitar, vocals) and Maximilian Meisenmann (drums) move with their music between aggression and depression and dissolve alleged opposites in it. They describe their music as 'unstable'. Between garage and post-punk, she-dog doesn't want to commit to anything. Their lyrics are often blurred, sometimes sharp and clear, and are always hurled into the crowd at high pressure.

She-dog played their debut concert in February 2020 at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. 2021 saw the release of their second single 'Deep in a Mine' with a music video. Based on their own traumatic experiences, she-dog tell in 'Deep in a Mine' about repressed, so to speak pent-up feelings, which are suddenly brought out explosively by triggers. In doing so, they ask the question: Where does the experienced aggression begin to turn into their own aggression?

The "Kölner Bühnensommer 2021" is an event of the city of Cologne and is supported in the program Kultursommer 2021 by the Beauftrage der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (BKM) with funds from NEUSTART KULTUR.

Wed, 22.09.2021

Lei Macolata (bass, vocals), Daisy Heroin (guitar, vocals), Maximilian Meisenmann (drums), Lina Holzrichter (guitar, vocals), Jonah Holzrichter (bass), Lukas Korn (guitar), Dora Banovic (drums)

Wave, Post-Punk

GREEN ROOM Start 19:00 Doors 18:00

Free admission

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