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Jazz at JAKI feat: Marvin Frey Group

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A young band that always plays straight ahead, yet has developed its own individual, modern sound. A richness of sound, joy of playing, grooving energy and willingness to express oneself serve as a beacon and frame for their music, which presents ever new and impressive worlds of sound to the listener.

The Cologne ensemble around front man Marvin Frey, consisting of an unusual rhythm section with two brass players, plays mostly original compositions that fuse hard bop and modern jazz. The songs that are created in the process sound out the possibilities of the musical fields and occasionally overcome their limits. Above all, however, they bundle energetic colourfulness with uncompromising groove.

Whether ballad, Latin or straight-ahead swing: The arrangement is always characterized by powerful freshness and energy, which is fed by the irrepressible expressive will of all ensemble members. Sonic worlds are created, that cast a spell on guests. Musically detailed and in compositionally continuous movement, the listeners have the choice of leaning back and simply enjoying or following the artistic turns and loving details, which are created by the fireworks of impulses of the individual musicians and their joy of playing. They are effortlessly oscillating between filigree and enormously changing worlds of images, which bring up reminiscences of important bands like Art Blakeys Jazz Messengers.

However, tradition never becomes a corset, but rather a breeding ground in which new ideas grow, while the influences of the old masters are used with respect, but without blind obedience. Supported and at the same time fired by the brilliant foundation of the rhythm section, flugelhorn/trumpet and trombone blend into all facets of the ensemble.

Sat, 08.02.2020

Marvin Frey (trumpet), Jonathan Böbel (trombone), Jerry Lu (piano), Andreas Pientka (bass), Alex Parzhuber (drums)


jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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