Das Ende der Liebe

Das Ende Der Liebe (short "DEDL") was founded in 2014 in Cologne. The band, consisting of Andreas Völk (guitar & FX), Laurenz Gemmer (prepared Yamaha CP-70 stage grand piano, melodica, laptop), Kenn Hartwig (double bass, EBass, KW Radio, circuit bending) and Thomas Sauerborn (drums), is dedicated to a music, that combines the stringency of electronic dance music with the freedom of improvisation and a modern sound aesthetic, oscillating between the border areas of electronics, kraut and psychedelic rock to experimental pop and abstract sound experiments.

The four musicians have roots in jazz or contemporary improvisational music / free music and have all studied music. The desire to improvise electronic dance music in this gesture on acoustic instruments initially led to the formation of the joint quartet. It quickly came to a lively concert activity, especially in smaller clubs and at underground parties and festivals. Over time, the dogma of electronic dance music was defused, so that today DEDL moves freely through a wide variety of genres, but danceability and complete improvisation are still at the top of the list - the band has not played a composed note to date. As a result, the concert situation also has a great influence on the music; this interacts with the premises, technical conditions and the mood of the audience and can thus turn out very differently per evening. All in all, the band impresses with an unusual, experimental music mix that is nevertheless stylistically quite accessible to a broad audience, a strong live performance and a high artistic quality.

Thu, 13.10.2022

Andreas Völk (guitar, vocals), Laurenz Gemmer (piano, melodica), Kenn Hartwig (bass, gameboys), Thomas Sauerborn (drums, synthesizer)

Improvised Trip Music

jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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The concert is unseated. There will be no seating.

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