AUSVERKAUFT: Ozan Ata Canani & Karaba

Bitte beachten Sie die geltenden Hygiene- und Kontaktrückverfolgungsvorschriften: Bitte halten Sie sich darüber hinaus weiterhin an die AHA-Regeln (Abstand halten, Hygiene beachten, Maske tragen) und bleiben Sie zu Hause, wenn Sie sich krank fühlen. Vielen Dank!

As a child prodigy on the Bağlama (Saz) Ata Canani single-handedly invented Turkish Rock'n'Roll sung in German while still in his teens late in the 1970es, dropping socially aware tunes reflecting the discrimination and harsh living conditions Turkish "guest workers" were facing. Even by the low standards of German hospitality, they were by no means treated as "guests", only as cheap labourers, who were expected to eventually return to their home countries after having profited from the questionable "benefits" of their host country.

Ata was also a long-time member of the influential outfit "Die Kanaken" which also featured the Anadolu Rock originator Cem Karaca who was then living exiled in Köln.

After years in relative obscurity, 2013 Ata was catapulted back into the eye of the music-loving public when his song "Deutsche Freunde" was one of the standout tracks on Trikont's seminal "Songs of Gastarbeiter" compilation. Hot on the heels of the *hit single* "Alle Menschen dieser Erde" which has become a signature tune at certain hip parties in Berlin, Ata's new album "Warte mein Land, warte" will drop in May 2021 on Fun in the Church. And the man himself will team up with München's hottest young combo Karaba for selected shows afterwards.

This Jazz-Kraut formation lets the listener slide into the world of progressive Krautrock. Karaba are Marcel Maier (Embryo) on electric bass, Louis Bankvas on electric guitar, Jakob Thun (Embryo) on drums and Andreas Kainz on Fender Rhodes, synthesizer and organ. The quartet draws inspiration by a wide variety of progressive styles and scenes but has always retained its own obscure sound character. Their music is related to the music of Frank Zappa, bands from the Canterbury scene such as Soft Machine or National Health, but also world music influences, presumably through the longstanding friendship and musical exchange with the world music legend Embryo.

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Wed, 18.08.2021
Concert Highlight!

Ozan Ata Canani (vocals), Marcel Maier (bass), Louis Bankvas (guitar), Jakob Thun (drums), Andreas Kainz (fender rhodes piano, synthesizer)

Jazz, Krautrock

GREEN ROOM Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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