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Alles muss raus: Montel Palmer // Ozan Tekin // Monibi

Montel Palmer
Montel Palmer create beautiful sound worlds framed by trembling dub reverbs and droning oscillators. For their harmless exploration, the Cologne sound tinkerer trio gives a concrete instruction: "the only territory you can't rely on is your own state of mind".

Ozan Tekin
Ozan Tekin is a Turkish-born composer and producer from Cologne. His latest EP titled "Anarya I", released in May 2021, is the first chapter of his upcoming album "Anarya", a three-part compilation of his piano works. Tekin's debut album "Pillars of Salt", which consists of his earlier ambient and experimental compositions, was released by NOORDEN in October 2019. Tekin also releases singer-songwriter songs under the pseudonym Seyrek Rifat and composes music and does sound design for theater, film and television in addition to his solo works. His upcoming albums "Anarya II" and "Anarya" will be released in 2022.

Tekin will perform a live ambient set at Stadtgarten based on his debut album "Pillars of Salt". The album consists of the compositions he wrote for the Turkish independent film "Tuzdan Kaide" (2018) and his independent ambient works. The combination of dark melodies and layers of distorted, nerve-wracking ambient drones in Pillars of Salt result in dramatic and hectic compositions that are mainly influenced by chaos, uncertainty and various mental states. The album creates a space of freedom and activity, where Ozan Tekin shows off his diverse skills as a producer, keyboardist and engineer, but also turns his innermost self inside out.

Monibi aka Sarah Roellinger-Shaikh is a DJ, radio host and producer. Born and raised in Franceaus, she lives and works in Berlin. Monibi presents a selection of experimental bass, ambient, electronic, field recordings and drone music and invites the audience to escape reality in a meditative deep listening session.

An acbty event:

Fri, 03.12.2021

Ambient, Experimental, Dub

concert hall Start 19:30 Doors 19:30

10 €/8 € red. Presale Please note: vendors of presale-tickets may charge additional fees.

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