Jazz Cash - Mikroförderungen

Jazz Cash – Support for Musicians

The promotion of artistic development and research of new musical material is an essential task of the European Centre for Jazz and Contemporary Music.

‘Jazz Cash’ supports jazz musicians’ musical exchange as well as testing of concepts and compositions in a fast and easy manner. Concerts, rehearsals/sessions, workshops, documentaries or mini composition commissions are being supported by the means of small-scale micro-fundings between 50 and 300 euros each.

A jury consisting of two members of Initiative Kölner Jazz Haus and two members of Kölner Jazzkonferenz will evaluate each application. Current jury members are: Angelika Niescier, Robert Landfermann (IKJH), Janning Trumann, Urs Benedikt Müller (KJK).

NOTE: All applications must be submitted in German.