Week-End Fest XII: Farida Amadou | Lonnie Holley w/ Mourning BLKstar

Week-End Fest never sleeps. Thus, the year 2023 once again stands for change. With an opening concert, the festival starts this year already on Thursday, followed by two intense concert evenings & club nights on Friday and Saturday. Here we put program points for a club set-up again more in the foreground. In 2023, we will play all-areas the Stadtgarten and draw from the full to serve you from the concert hall, to "Vivian's Bedroom" - the space designed by the artist Vivian Suter, which will become the central place of the festival, to the Jaki Club a colorful program. Because that's what the Week-End Fest has stood for since day one: the form follows the program - and not the other way around. The Week-End Fest is and will remain an intimate boutique festival where overlooked gems of music history meet promising newcomers. A unique mix of talented artists from all over the world - from Brazil to Uganda - united with our favorite Cologne residents.

Week-End Fest XII, 2023
Festival Day I

Farida Amadou (BE).
The (electric) bass entered the life of Belgian Farida Amadou comparatively late, but today it takes a central role in the work of the musician from Huy in Wallonia. This is how she explores the instrument: quiet string massages follow booming feedbacks.

Lonnie Holley w/ Mourning [A] BLKstar (US)
Holley was able to find his way despite great poverty in his family, youth and racial violence: through culture, art, music. His folk design, like his art, is a bricolage: an improvised hybrid of blues themes and fantastical poetry.

Thu, 02.11.2023
Concert Highlight!

Farida Amadou, Lonnie Holley w/ Mourning [A] BLKstar

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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