Voyages of Song // the bottomline & The Kasper Collusion

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Songs, songs, this "most original and simplest form of lyricism" (Wikipedia), which is present in all cultures, form the starting point of the musical work of two very different bands, who create a common evening. Both are united by an artistic scepticism towards the standardized forms of musical expression, as manifested in the attempt to limit the stylistic boundaries of musical phenomena, as well as the desire to tell their own stories. If you can't stand most of the commonly offered songs anymore, but at the same time urgently need them, you might like it.

the bottomline travel somewhere between musical star clusters that cannot be defined exactly. We do not know whether they are moving forward next to the large scale or behind the Orion, but they always remain clearly visible. Franzis Lating (voc, ep, synth) and Johannes Elia Nuß (dr, synth) call their powerful music, which melts between spherical synthesizer surfaces and groovy, orchestral arrangements to an iridescent mixture "Cosmic Rhythm".

The pieces of The Kasper Collusion meander between strange musical fragments and the memory that they might once have been simply beautiful songs. Franz Kasper (voc, git), Kurt Fuhrmann (dr, voc) and Achim Tang (kb, voc) went long ways together with these songs to finally arrive at the nowhere that now forms the musical resonance space of the band. If you get involved with the music, you have to admit that there is no jazz played here - and nothing else that can be categorized.

Table for 2: 20,00 €
Table for 4: 40,00 €

Thu, 08.07.2021
Concert Highlight!

Kurt Fuhrmann (drums, vocals), Franz Kasper (guitar, vocals), Franzis Lating (vocals, synthesizer), Johannes Elia Nuß (drums, synthesizer), Achim Tang (keyboard, vocals)

GREEN ROOM Start 20:00

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