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VERSCHOBEN: NICA exchanges Bonsai Panda

Das Konzert am 27.09. von Bonsai Panda aus Rotterdam muss leider verschoben werden! Grund sind die derzeitigen Einreisebestimmungen und die Tatsache, dass kurzfristige Corona-Tests in Holland zurzeit nicht möglich sind, da komplett überlaufen bzw. ausverkauft. Der neue Termin wird in Kürze bekannt gegeben. Karten behalten ihre Gültigkeit oder können da zurückgegeben werden, wo sie gekauft wurden.

Young guitar lion Jelle Roozenburg and trombone maverick Louk Boudesteijn join forces to create Bonsai Panda. After shaping and cultivating the seeds of their ideas they are now ready to share it with the world.

Roozenburg & Boudesteijn each wrote a dozen compositions - all dripped in BLUES, charged with JAZZ and heavily influenced by the great COMPOSERS of the 20th century (Stravinsky, Shostakovitsj, Messiaen). Their mutual love for composing and improvisation makes this a seemingly magical collaboration.

In this sonic adventure they team up with eclectic reedmaster David Kweksilber, french horn guru Romain Bly and the uncompromised beats & sounds of Jimmi Jo Hueting. This group of likeminded souls are all masters of their instrument. But doubling on other instruments gives Bonsai Panda an even wider spectrum of sound and instinctive playfullness.

The Panda’s refer to their in-the-moment approach as: “SHORT TERM MEMORY MUSIC”. Meet Bonsai Panda and launch yourself along with us into the great unknown.

Sun, 27.09.2020

Jelle Roozenburg (miscellaneous guitars/composition), Louk Boudesteijn (trombone/synthesizer/composition), Jimmi Jo Hueting (drums/electronics), David Kweksilber (reeds/percussion), Romain Bly (french horn/trumpet/percussion)


concert hall Start 18:00

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