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Thomas Lehn, Matt Mottel and Kevin Shea

Thomas Lehn joins the sonic orbit of Matt Mottel and Kevin Shea Shea, who have been performing together for 18 years.

Thomas Lehn will anchor the duo with his EMS Synthi A. Besides the substantial sound qualities of its analogue synthesis, the facilities of this modular instrument - for example to modify electronic sounds very directly as well as to combine and to control several parameters of the sound synthesis at the same time - allows him to spontaneously act in close contact with the various structural degrees of the musical process.

Matt Mottel and Kevin Shea are the co-improviser in residence at the Moers Music Festival for 2021. After playing together for 18 years in TALIBAM!, they are living (for the first time ever, together) in a prac space haus in Moers Germany for all of 2021.

In the first months of this year, living in COVID Lockdown, they invited artists from Germany to their living room which was transformed into a recording studio .
They have made recordings and online broadcasts with more than 30 artists.

They premiered a new project 'DAS QUEUE' at the the Moers Music Festival in May 2021, which featured members of legendary Krautrock band 'Embryo' with Marja Burchard and Maasl Maier, with Keisuke Matsuno and Ron Stabinsky. They also performed as FAUST & TALIBAM! with founding member Jean Herve Peron with Amaury Cambuzat.

Thomas Lehn
piano and analogue synthesizer composer performer

Thomas Lehn has been one of the most innovative and successful musical personalities in the field of electroacoustic music in the practices of improvisation and composition for years. He was trained as a sound engineer and pianist at the music academies in Detmold and Cologne from 1979 to 1987. As a pianist, he was active in both classical chamber music and jazz ensembles throughout the 1980s. During this early period, a shift took place in both of the musical practices he has always pursued, interpretation and improvisation: a shift from traditional to contemporary forms. Rooted in these experiences as an instrumentalist, he has been developing individual forms of expression in the field of live electronic music since the early 1990s, focusing on the use of analog synthesizer systems that allow direct access to the individual elements of electronic sound synthesis and thus direct action and reaction in the structural and formative process of live performed music. As a synthesizer interpreter – live and on CD studio productions – he has realized works by Éliane Radigue, Roman Haubenstock-Ramati, Bogusław Schaeffer and Zbigniew Karkowski, among others. He was soloist in the world premiere of Peter Jakober's dort with Klangforum Wien at musikprotokoll festival and in the CD recording of Christopher Fox's Topophony with the WDR Symphony Orchestra. Thomas Lehn is pianist and founding member of ensemble]h[iatus, since 2006 dedicated to contemporary improvisation and interpretation, with whom he had premierred commissioned works by Vinko Globokar, Anthony Pateras, Jennifer Walshe, Jürg Frey a.m.o. . He demonstrates continuity in longstanding activities in ensembles such as KONK PACK, TOOT, THERMAL, MIMEO, SPEAK EASY, 6ix or duos with Marcus Schmickler, Tiziana Bertoncini, Gerry Hemingway and Paul Lovens. More recent are trios with John Butcher the pianists John Tilbury and Matthew Shipp, respectively, and the trio DEFUSE with Xavier Charles and Roger Turner. Concert tours have taken him throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada and the USA. His artistic work, who now lives in Vienna, is documented on about 100 recordings.

Fri, 17.12.2021
Concert Highlight!

Thomas Lehn (EMS synthesizer, piano), Matt Mottel (keytar), Kevin Shea (drum set)

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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