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Stefan Karl Schmid

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"A player who confidently explores harmonic refinements, who masterfully handles the architecture of tension arcs."
(Odilo Clausnitzer, Deutschlandfunk)

PYJAMA is the name of the new album by Stefan Karl Schmid. And you don't need much imagination to imagine that it was composed in one - maybe even recorded?
Instead of jumping into the shower in the morning to rush out into the world, the "dressing gown" is casually thrown over the shoulder. With coffee in your hand in your own muff, you escaped from the dream world into the world of music! Or in other words: You leave the mind the time it needs in the morning. While the body is usually already routinely busy putting things inside us and putting itself into clothes, the mind is usually still in dreamland and can only follow with difficulty.

Stefan Karl Schmid uses this creative time window to capture thoughts that are not yet completely out of this world - oscillating between the fantasy of the past night and the day ahead. And "pyjamas" is a materialized expression of this moment. The clothing of all those who do not swim daily to compete with the others, but take a step back and observe the hustle and bustle from the edge of the pool, and then put the perception of it into words or, in this case, into sound. But "Pyjama" is not only an expression of this freedom, of the moment in which dream and reality mix - it is the starting point for excursions into a world that is just as hectic, just as hopeful and sad, but at the same time more poetic than its real counterpart. It is the musician's view of the world, vulnerable and open, captured in that moment in the morning. The thought of what awaits him that day - the dream you try in vain to remember - the adventure outside the door. And it is an invitation to the listener to do the same, to leave the pyjamas on for a while and listen to his thoughts, a little bit... and another one... everyday life comes soon enough.

"Everything about this music seems measured, skilful, balanced. And yet never lifeless, but lovingly worked out, filed, sanded and dyed." (Hans-Jürgen Linke, Jazzthetik)

Text: Helgi Schmid

Tue, 05.10.2021

Stefan Karl Schmid (tenor saxophone, compositions), Bastian Stein (trumpet), Heidi Bayer (trumpet), Shannon Barnett (trombone), Mattis Cederberg (bass trombone), Pablo Held (piano), David Helm (double bass), Thomas Sauerborn (drums)


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