Soundbridges w/ Vandermark, Muche, Lehn & Blume

Founded in 2021, the German-American quartet Soundbridges impresses with the mutual inspiration and long-standing cross-connections between the individual musicians. The band was initiated in 2021 by percussionist Martin Blume from Dortmund, who has been working with some of the most important international protagonists of the improvisation and jazz avant-garde for decades. For example with Ken Vandermark from Chicago, one of the most influential saxophonists of his generation. He has played with Thomas Lehn, known as an innovator of the analog synthesizer, for many years, especially in the group Speak Easy. His collaboration with trombonist Matthias Muche from Cologne has also been extremely fruitful for several years.

Soundbridges offer everything: dynamics, wild improvisations, contemplative phases, sound excursions. It all flows homogeneously into one another as if there were no dividing lines. Through sound bridges, in the most beautiful sense of the word.

The premiere concert took place in Dortmund at the Visual Sound Outdoor Festival in 2021, followed by appearances at the Ruhr Jazz and Peitz Festivals, organized by the jazzwerkstatt label, which released the quartet's first CD Soundbridges in September 2022.
In spring 2023, the quartet completed an 11-concert-in-12-days CD release tour through Europe. One part of this was a performance at the artacts Festival in Sankt Johann in Tirol. The live recording of this concert will be released as a vinyl LP by the festival's associated label Idyllic Noise.

Mon, 08.04.2024
Concert Highlight!

Ken Vandermark (tenor saxophone, clarinet), Matthias Muche (trombone), Thomas Lehn (analogue syntheziser), Martin Blume (drums, percussion)

Jazz, Improvisation, Avantgarde

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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