Songlines mit Marlon Bösherz und Wir hatten was mit Björn

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Marlon Bösherz:
THE PUFFINS -in a fizzy fountain-.
A melancholic, serious, humorous, poetic album by Marlon Bösherz, whose first tour "Salvador Dali's Garden Party" happened classically, without an album. The sung poems are available as a reading booklet in addition to an edition of the album on cassette, CD or as a digital delivery. Recordings and booklets are published as art objects; as limited, handmade editions and can be purchased directly from the artist himself.

We had something with Björn:
Wonderful music from Bochum: Wir hatten was mit Björn is a duo that tries in various extended line-ups to make music an authentic phenomenon to experience, against the radio-suitable mainstream. Even if Björn is not there, a lot of liveliness and confidence shimmers through the sentimental basic sound of the band. With trombone, bass and suitcase drums, the indeterminacy of postmodernism is finally overcome and Björn ad Acta is put to rest.
Maika Küster and Maria Trautmann started making music and writing songs together in 2012. Since 2015 they have been on stage with drummer and effects tinkerer Manuel Loos, and since 2018 with double bassist Caris Hermes. The first album "Oh What Pretty Thing" was released in 2017. We had something with Björn sounds beguiling, naked and raw. As a listener, you feel like you're sitting between the band, like the sounds are close to your ear, almost in your head and then in your heart. These are songs you want to hear lying on the floor, chasing away the cold, giving time the bird and telling you about being human. It's pop music with weird instruments. Acoustic sound of double bass, trombone and pocket case, plus electronic sounds. In between floats the vocals, direct and pure. This music is not a journey to faraway places, it is a deep dive into one's own wild intimacy.

table of 2: 20,00 €
Table of 4: 40,00 €

Fri, 25.06.2021
Concert Highlight!

Marlon Bösherz (guitar, vocals), Maika Küster (vocals), Maria Trautmann (trombone), Caris Hermes (double bass), Manuel Loos (drums)

Jazz, Pop

GREEN ROOM Start 20:00 Doors 19:15

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