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Songlines mit Haesen & Breidenbach feat. Hedgehog Session Band

Haesen & Breidenbach - Haesen & Breidenbach is a Singer-Songwriter /Jazz duo by chansonnière Charlotte Haesen and producer/guitarist Philip Breidenbach. Together they effortlessly combine jazz, folk and musical influences from all over the world into their own heart felt and authentic sound. Haesen & Breidenbach continue to perfect their ability to compose mind bending music and taking their listeners on an unexplored musical journey.
Knowing each other for more than fifteen years, it is only in 2019 that Haesen & Breidenbach join forces and start writing music as a duo. The two composers find inspiration in the story telling aspect of music and the cultural baggage it carries. Currently the duo is gearing up to their highly anticipated debut album, which is due to be released October 8th 2021 on Challenge Records international.

The Hedgehog Session Band - The Hedgehog Session started as a living room concert series with the exception of musicians from Cologne and the surrounding area. In the course of time, a fixed constellation has been established as a band from the changing line-ups: The Hedgehog Session Band. With their own sound they now accompany singer/songwriters from different genres and give them with the Hedgehog Session the opportunity to present their partly still unreleased music in an intimate sound picture. With the beginning of the Corona Epidemic, the format has adapted: Instead of living room concerts, Hedgehog Sessions now exist online. Every month there is a new video with new exciting guests. Today the Hedgehog Session Band plays - live on stage - with the duo Haesen & Breidenbach.

Fri, 22.10.2021

Charlotte Haesen (vocals), Philip Breidenbach (guitar), Ella Rohwer (cello), Lukas Berg (drums, percussion), Dominik Krämer (bass)

Singer-Songwriter, Jazz

jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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