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Songlines mit Das Ding ausm Sumpf

"As if Freundeskreis were covering tracks by Curse, as if Marteria and Käptn Peng were jamming at a beach bar, or as if this thing from the swamp (english translation of the bandname "Das Ding ausm Sumpf") might be part of the rap reformation this country has been craving for so long," is how the Reeperbahn Festival begins its introduction to the thing from the swamp. But who is this thing from the swamp?

Stefan Mühlbauer first studied opera singing, then economics, also did his doctorate there, won the prize, and then took over the chairmanship of the supervisory board of a mechanical engineering company, all right? Now he raps about the senselessness of a funded world, the normal madness between nine and five, the emptiness of a life that always wants more - and how people successfully escape all that. Des Sumpfdings lyrics are not only accusations, but also approaches for solutions, calls for departure, dialectically infiltrated by a lot of biting irony, fat beats and bittersweet goosebumps grooves.

"In the broadest sense, hip hop as you rarely find it: spun and cleverly lyricized and dense yet light in sound" was the opinion of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Others call it "hip hop for people who don't listen to hip hop". The editorial staff of the Bavarian radio station Puls raves about "intelligent lyrics and fat beats (...) as if Marteria and Käptn Peng would have a child".

DAS DING AUSM SUMPF received the Bavarian Culture Award in 2018, supported Käptn Peng and the Tentacles of Delphi, Das Lumpenpack, Fünf Sterne Deluxe and Fatoni, among others, in 2019, and played festivals such as Open Flair or Reeperbahn Festival. 73 concerts in 2019, until April 2020 another 33 shows, among others as support for Das Lumpenpack.

In addition, DAS DING AUSM SUMPF is part of Fritz Kola's Fritztöne, a member of BY-on's Phase II and is supported by Initiative Musik for his upcoming album "kränk". Now the next step is to be taken with "kränk". Together with producers like Amadeus Gregor Böhm (Elektrik Kezy Mezy), Cop Dickie (Dongkong) and Benedikt Maile (Eau Rouge) it finds on it musical doors for the stories inside to let them out of there, out of the swamp in his chest. "An all-round carefree package in German Hip-Hop that nobody saw coming", as the Reeperbahn Festival, Germany's most important music fair for newcomers, said. It will also feature Lemur, formerly known as one of the two from Herr von Grau, from Kreismusik. Besides an own tour, there will also be 25 concerts as support of "Das Lumpenpack" all over Germany.

Fri, 12.11.2021

Stefan Mühlbauer (vocals)

Rap, HipHop

jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

12 €/9 € red. Presale Please note: vendors of presale-tickets may charge additional fees. 12 €/9 € red. Box Office

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