Safe Space Records: Endless Fun, Trace & Wellsgoodness

Experience Safe Space Records' world of contemporary pop music through a night of live performances and an after-party celebrating the release of EuroEyez's single “Dalnim.”

Safe Space Records is a Cologne-based record label working in music production and distribution. The people behind SSR understand themseles as a platform operating in the spirit of “Scenius” - a term that Brian Eno introduced to highlight the collective nature of genius. It stands for intelligence and the intuition of a whole cultural scene. The label aims to establish a strong community where individuals are part of an active cultural movement.

Safe Space Records' mission is to innovate pop music, especially in Cologne. Contrary to other pop-focused labels, SSR's roster is all self-producing and recording artists. Music production is seen here as an artistic practice. The boundaries of the different genres the artists find themselves in, such as Ethereal Pop, Indie Pop, Alternative Pop, Post-Punk/New Wave, Experimental Pop, Trap, and Hyper Pop, are expanded.

Endless Fun

Endless Fun has always had one foot out the door when it came to music — whether it was his love for Pink and Robyn, his ongoing hip-hop phase, or playing in punk rock bands — he felt uninspired by the commitment to one lifestyle that these subcultures always came with. Then one day, significant relief settled in when he discovered PC Music. The ethos around their genre, hyper-pop, is where Endless Fun found inspiration: pop music could be a parody of itself, music that can be anything he loved all at the same time, a genre where his lack of attention to one thing made sense. Driven by his desire to blend everything he loved about pop and punk, he downloaded Ableton and began self-producing.

Endless Fun’s sound blends every genre he knows in a wild, exaggerated pop experience. His debut EP, Skirmish, is an open door into his weird world: a cocktail of genres being born and destroyed again. His ironic perspectives change between the sincere lyrics and sudden breakdowns in the production of his songs.


TRACE is a singer, producer, and instrumentalist building a transgressive pop universe of her own making. In 2023 she will release her debut album as well as finish her two subsequent albums. TRACE’s live shows are immediate, visceral and continuously surprising in the emotional and corporeal worlds that they shape. You will be left heartbroken, mouth open.


Inwoo Jung (KR), a Cologne-based interdisciplinary artist, uses sound as a narrative media. Tone painting as Jung’s stylistic mean of storytelling creates synesthesia with nonverbal linguistic tone. Collaging various natural/artificial materials, he explores new cultural codes occurred in between.

Wellsgoodness, Jung's heteronym project, deals with the real of realms beyond consciousness: dream, fantasy, and the sense of material/memory.

Fri, 10.02.2023


jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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