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reihe M: Marcin Pietruszewski (The New Pulsar Generator (nuPG) Recordings) / Guido Möbius & Andrea Belfi

With nuPG (New Pulsar Generator), Marcin Pietruszewski adapted and expanded pulsar synthesis in SuperCollider in 2020. nuPG is based on the Pulsar Generator software (Alberto de Campo & Curtis Roads, 1991) and is one of the digital synthesis techniques known as microsound. Pulsar synthesis makes it possible to create complex sound hybrids between temporal, rhythmic structures and spectral figurations - diverse structures of individual pulses, musically variable sequences, beat textures, infrasonic pulsations and noisy sounds. Pietruszewski released nuPG-Recordings Vol. 1 (CD/Fancyyyy) in 2020 and has been presenting nuPG-Recordings Vol. 2 in concerts internationally since 2022.

The multi-instrumentalist Guido Möbius and the percussionist Andrea Belfi worked together for the first time for the album Batagur Basta (2015). In doing so, they developed a large pool of material that would only materialize a few years later in the combination of electronics, feedback, accordion, guitar (Möbius) and drums (Belfi) for the current album a million magnets (Emphase Records). The two musicians generate a high level of intensity live. It sprawls and pulsates, lingers in the hypnotic, wanders, almost disintegrates and then accelerates to high speed - resulting in an exciting and organic, often almost psychoactive sound structure.

Tue, 28.05.2024

Marcin Pietruszewski (electronics), Guido Möbius (electronics), Andrea Belfi (drums)

Ambient, Experimental, Elektronik

jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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