Late Night

DJ Frank © Celia Wagner, Aino DJ © Inês Pizarro Correia, Philo © Marius Kreuder, Marie Montexier © Mathilda Noelia

Précey feat. DJ Frank / Aino DJ / Marie Montexier / Philo

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The DJ scene in Cologne is still very male dominated, which the DJs and promoters Philo, Marie Montexier and Aino DJ, who live in Cologne and Leipzig, want to change with a new event series at the club JAKI: we are happy to present you Précey.

Précey wants to give space for diversity to create safer spaces and empowerment in our scene, but also to overcome genre boundaries. We want to represent the diversity of people in the Cologne scene on our line-ups and support local but also international newcomers and give them a stage.

Précey' is a neologism and is composed of the words 'présence' and 'Sarcey'. We understand the name as a tribute to strong women and therefore decided to use the surname of the French feminist and historian Michèle Riot-Sarcey in our naming. We chose the word 'présence' in combination. The German translation of this word is 'Gegenwart' and presents our present moment.

On 01.10.2021 we will not only celebrate the first event as Précey, but at the same time the re-opening of Klub JAKI. The Précey event series is curated by Aino DJ, Philo and Marie Montexier. In best company for this evening DJ Frank accompanies us. The Wuppertaler usually moves in the Mauke environment and convinces with a mixture of different genres, from Electro to Breakbeat and rav'ig sounds.

Philo is known to many raving colognians. Characteristic is her rougher sound, influenced by UK bassmusic, which is between breakbeat, jungle and sometimes house - with a splash of 90's classics, true to the motto "always forward"!
Aino DJ started djing in Brittany, France and since then she can't get away from it. Her sets are a mix of electro, breakbeat, garage and sometimes a pinch of trance.
Marie Montexier, who has gained popularity throughout Germany and beyond, is the floor queen in persona and will probably be known to everyone.

Précey is a space in which you can develop freely. This is an open space for all, in that no discriminatory, sexist or violent behavior will be tolerated. If you are harassed, discriminated or observe such situations, please contact us, the organizers, the bar staff or the security staff. We want to create a safe space at our parties where everyone can feel safe.

Fri, 01.10.2021
Late Night Highlight!

Electro, Jungle, Breakbeat

jaki Start 23:00

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