Phillip Dornbuschs Projektor

Complex, creative and with a clear announcement: Phillip Dornbusch's Projektor releases their second album Re|construct.

Racism has long been an issue for Phillip Dornbusch, even if he himself is not affected by it. For the second album on the label Berthold Records
with his band Projektor, he approaches the topic from different perspectives - and thus spins the core idea of the highly acclaimed debut album "Reflex" further. The nine compositions deal with political and social topics of the present. As a basis for this, Dornbusch conducted several conversations with people affected by racism - and incorporated his impressions from them as well as some quotes into the music.

Disassembling and reassembling. This refers not only to Dornbusch's compositions in the rehearsal process, but also to the title: Re|construct is not mere reconstruction - it is much more. What is meant is transformation, the creation of something new - always as a joint process. This idea refers not only to music but also to society and formulates Dornbusch's wish, to which he dedicates "Re|construct".

Characteristic for the five musicians from Berlin and Cologne is their unmistakable language and their very own way of dealing with the material, to which Dornbusch gives a lot of space. It is important to the musicians not to cement a banal message. They play with complexity, complex timbres and contrasting rhythms. That which sounds "beautiful" is constantly alienated. The compositions invite you to listen: They shimmer, groove and make you think about today.

Thu, 04.05.2023

Phillip Dornbusch (saxophone, clarinets), Johanna Summer (piano), Johannes Mann (guitar), Roger Kintopf (bass), Philip Adrian Dornbusch (drums)

Millennial Progressive Jazz, Jazz

jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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