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Philipp Gropper´s PHILM

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The Berlin quartet (sax, p, dr, bass) hits the mark of the Zeitgeist target. No irony, no quotes, no intellectual theatricality, just sound and technique.

Philipp Gropper (sax), Robert Landfermann (bass), Oliver Steidle (dr) and Elias Stemeseder (p) have little to do with postmodernism. Instead of individual, they prefer to shine in a group. They are not concerned with association and deconstruction, but with creation and sharing. How old-fashioned! How revolutionary! The sound of PHILM is dense and fast and still has a lot of air, it can float and fade away. He screams in your face for a reason. Landfermann and Steidle are not simply the rhythm section, they are constantly building a closely interlocked sound machinery. Gropper and Stemeseder drive them, make them change tempo or temperature hellish fast. Philipp Gropper's saxophone does not have the smooth lard of past times on it. It sounds edgy, but never cold, because his motivic ideas are often of a spherical melancholy. Elias Stemeseder has a knack for strangely enraptured and at the same time haunting melodies and yet he can also do differently. Then he flips an atmosphere switch again with electronic inserts or excursions in the direction of noise. PHILM distils the classical quartet of the 60s: no irony, no quotations, no intellectual theatricality, only sound and technique.
(Sandra hupfauf)

Sat, 19.10.2019
Concert Highlight!

Philipp Gropper (tenor saxophone), Elias Stemeseder (piano), Felix Henkelhausen (bass), Oliver Steidle (drums)


concert hall
Start 20:00

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