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NICA live: Été Large

Unbridled power and passion, playful fervor, boundless delight in fabulation, indomitable cohesive forces and absolute fearlessness - that is Luise Volkmann's band Été Large.

What could be better than watching small children obliviously jumping into a puddle, no matter how dirty they get? There's a huge pool filled with dirty water and the band leader jumps in with her whole gang, splashing on all sides. Joy of playing and emotional depth make up the large ensemble, which, in addition to two singers, is also enriched with the color of cello and flute.

In her new and third program, which saxophonist and composer Volkmann has written for her 13-piece ensemble Été Large, she explores new "folk songs". What are the stories that touch us, change us and that we want to tell ourselves? A work about the Été Large collective, which for years has been united not only by professional ties but also by personal friendship. But also a work about the question of what traces we want to leave in the world.

The concert at Stadtgarten Köln as part of the "NICA live" concert series is the world premiere of this new musical journey.

Thu, 09.05.2024
Concert Highlight!

Luise Volkmann (alto saxophone, flute, composition), Casey Moir (vocals), Laurin Oppermann (vocals), Conni Trieder (flute), Peter Ehwald (tenor saxophone), Rémi Fox (baritone saxophone), Johannes Böhmer (trumpet), Marleen Dahms (trombone), Johanna Stein (cello), Yannick Lestra (piano), Athina Kontou (double bass), Paul Jarret (guitar), Max Santner (drums)


jaki Start 20:00

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The concert is unseated. There will be no seating.

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