Michel Herr - Positive Tentett © Pauline Herr

Paul Heller invites: Michel Herr „Positive Tentett“

For Paul Heller, inviting Belgian pianist, composer and arranger Michel Herr was long overdue. "Almost my entire musical socialization has to do with Michel. Time and again he has inspired me with his projects, especially his quartet with Wolfgang Engstfeld, but I have also seen and heard him endlessly with Toots Thielemans. For me, he is one of the most important European jazz musicians, who has left his mark as an instrumentalist as well as a composer and arranger." Michel Herr's current project is the "Positive Tentet", with which he has succeeded in a special way in synthesizing modern jazz and string quartet. Elegant and melodically nuanced, concise solo flights of saxophone and trumpet, piano and double bass interweave with the richness of sound of the strings to create an organically grown work of sound art. Herr confidently places his sophisticated compositions in the hands of his musicians, virtually as a sound architect who perfectly balances all elements in dynamics and beauty.

Sun, 17.10.2021
Concert Highlight!

Bert Joris (trumpet), Paul Heller (saxophone), Peter Hertmans (guitar), Nathalie Loriers (piano), Sam Gerstmans (double bass), Daniel Jonkers (drums), Benoît Leseure (violine), Pierre Heneaux (violine), Jean-François Durdu (viola), Merryl Havard (cello)


concert hall Start 18:00 Doors 17:00

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