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Pablo Giw presents GIW

Air noise, low frequency drones and pumping metallic beats - one voice sings, speaks and calls out of the Abyss. Wandering patterns that sometimes sound like a synthesizer, sometimes like a string instrument. GIW is the solo project of trumpet player and performer Pablo Giw. It is based on experimental trumpet playing combined with elements of dark jazz and minimalistic structures of noise, spoken word and neo soul. With his instrument, GIW creates dense sound walls, using adapted beatbox techniques on the trumpet to accompany his vocal parts and texts. Mit electronic music in his head, but generated by acoustic means, he redefines his role as a trumpeter and uses his instrument as a sound generator for harmonic levels, as a drum computer or as a filter for his voice. He released his solo debut album "Never Is Always" in 2017 on his label ti-Records.

With NICA artist development, a pilot project for supporting jazz musicians from North Rhine-Westphalia at the European Centre for Jazz and Contemporary Music has been launched in autumn 2019. Starting in January, the four Artists in Residence Elisabeth Coudoux, Pablo Giw, Pablo Held and Tamara Lukasheva will regularly present their musical ideas, visions, cooperations or discoveries under their names in the monthly concert series "NICA presents" in the in-house club JAKI.

Mon, 17.02.2020
Concert Highlight!

Pablo Giw (trumpet, electronics), Nathan Ishar (visuals)

Improvisation, Electronic

jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

Free admission

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