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NYOS are a noisy, loop-driven instrumental duo based in Finland. The band formed 2014 when UK-born guitarist Tom Brooke and drummer, Tuomas Kainulainen met after Tom moved to Finland. Bonded by a mutual love of noisy bands, coffee and playing shows, they wrote their first record Vltava, a 26 minute one-track piece, over the winter of 2014 and have been touring constantly since mid 2015, taking their (literal) wall of noise out to more than 200 gigs in over 20 countries.

Underpinned by their mutual quest for freedom, their restless energy and global outlook, NYOS' ingenious compositions give way to a sound that extends beyond the reach of their influences as well as the boundaries of their respective instruments. Celebration is not only a much needed diversion of the humdrum life in pandemic times, but also a literal celebration of the otherworldly synergy between two musicians. It is the product of two free spirits, youthful in their enthusiasm and dedicated to their instruments. A passionate exploration of rhythm and repetition.

Sun, 12.03.2023

Tom Brooke (guitar), Tuomas Kainulainen (drums)

Noise, Instrumental, Post-Rock

jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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The concert is unseated. There will be no seating.

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