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NICA presents Stellar Banger

Das Konzert ist reihenbestuhlt - es erfolgt eine feste Sitzplatzvergabe sowie die Kontaktdatenerfassung zur Rückverfolgbarkeit. Die geltenden Hygienevorschriften im Haus sind zu beachten.

Stellar Banger

This beat noise quartet emerged from a collaboration at the Irtijal Festival for experimental music in Lebanon. Hailing from Beirut, Abed Kobeissy and Ali Hout (aka. Two or The Dragon) are tackling Arabic music’s capacity to express urban soundscapes as an intrinsic part of its local aesthetics. The germany based musicians trumpeter Pablo Giw and percussionist Joss Turnbull (aka. Tombak/Trumpet) are working with the extensions of their instruments to the full means of sonic-intertwine, instrumental deconstruction and acoustic replay. By incorporating digital effects to their instrumental work, Stellar Banger creates pulsating music of grainy-raw-and-poly-layered-pink-ecstatic-stutter.

Instagram: @stellarbanger
Pablo Giw: @giwmusic
Abed Kobeissy @abedkobeissy


Mon, 14.09.2020
Concert Highlight!

Abed Kobeissy (buzuq/effects), Pablo Giw (trumpet/effects), Ali Hout (percussion/effects), Joss Turnbull (percussion/effects/samples)

Improvisation, Experimental, Beat

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

Free admission

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