NICA presents: Jo Goes Hunting

Jo Goes Hunting is the brainchild of Dutch artist Jimmi Jo Hueting. Trained as a jazz drummer (attending various esteemed music schools across Europe, even picking up the Erasmus Jazz Award from the University of Arts in Rotterdam), Jimmi’s musical journey, however, is all but limited to jazz - his reputation is one of an artist floating across genres due to his insatiable curiosity and seemingly boundless abilities. Combining influences from experimental electronic music, obscure hiphop and sixties pop with his surgery style of production, Jo Goes Hunting is a melting pot of styles that comes together in a genuinely innovative and versatile whole. Though a solo project in terms of composing and recording, Jo Goes Hunting is also an explosively exciting and highly acclaimed live performance in which Jimmi is supported by an array of highly talented musicians in their own right.

This concert is part of an exchange project with RAUW Festival Rotterdam, Festival Jazz International Nijmegen and NICA artist development / Stadtgarten Cologne. A number of young artists from Rotterdam, Nijmegen and Cologne give concerts in the three cities and get to know each other, their music, their scenes and their professional networks through short residencies in order to develop their international careers.

Tue, 19.10.2021
Concert Highlight!

Jimmi Hueting (drums, drum machines, vocals), Daniel Eskens (bass, synthesizer), Jelle Roozenburg (guitar), Sjoerd Krul (guitar), Jesse Schilderink (baritone/alto saxophone), Nicolo Ricci (tenor saxophone), Louk Boudesteijn (trombone), Carmen van Mulier (vocals, synthesizer)

Jazz, Modern Pop

jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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