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NICA live: Pablo Giw free quartet


Pablo Giw
free quartet

Farida Amadou (electric bass, electronics)
Mariel Roberts (cello, electronics)
Laura Totenhagen (vocals, electronics)
Pablo Giw (trumpet, electronics)

For this new line-up, NICA artist Pablo Giw invites three special musicians from the improvising scene with whom he has crossed paths over the past year and a half. They all share a virtuosity of their own, the freedom to engage in abrupt musical turns and breaks, as well as the courage to fully surrender to depth and continuity. In this quartet they all enter a space of vibrating expanse and music growing out of itself.

Electric bassist Farida Amadou (Brussels) creates bursts of noise and piercing drones with her unique, percussive style. Cellist Mariel Roberts (New York) is in demand both with her solo albums and in projects with Nate Wooley or Anna Webber, and as a composer and ensemble member. Laura Totenhagen (Cologne) and shows with her band Totenhagen but also in her other line-ups as a creative improviser and virtuoso experimental singer her musical range. As a trumpet player, Pablo Giw (Cologne) combines influences from experimental music, urban beat aesthetics and free improvisation, and is active as a soloist as well as in interdisciplinary projects with dance and performance.

Mon, 25.10.2021
Concert Highlight!

Mariel Roberts (cello, electronics), Farida Amadou (bass, fx), Laura Totenhagen (vocals, fx), Pablo Giw (trumpet, fx)

jaki Start 20:00

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