NICA live: Odesa Project – Lukasheva/Smirnova/Kalinin feat. Oleg Subbotin

Aktuell ist im Green Room die Bewirtung an der Selbstbedienungstheke möglich, an der erfrischende Getränke geordert werden können. Essen können Sie im Restaurant vor den Konzerten - oder Sie ordern an unserer Speisenbar im Biergarten leckere Snacks.

Singer and composer Tamara Lukasheva - NICA artist since 2019 - performs with Roksana Smirnova on piano and guitarist Misha Kalinin. As a duo, the two musicians have long playing experience together. Kalinin is bursting with ideas and creates something new in the area of guitar sound. Smirnova combines the spontaneity of improvisation with a feeling for form influenced by her background as a classical musician. Completed for this evening by Lukasheva's multi-faceted vocal playing, the result is music that develops as if by itself, without any effort. A soundscape that leads into fantastic worlds: strongly contrasting elements, modern impressionistic sounds, improvisational interaction and sounds that disappear into silence.

The "Odesa Project" will be expanded on this evening by the Ukrainian alto saxophonist Oleg Subbotin. He is an active member of the jazz scene in Odessa.

Mon, 08.08.2022
Concert Highlight!

Roksana Smirnova (piano), Misha Kalinin (guitar), Tamara Lukasheva (voice), Oleg Subbotin (alto saxophone)


GREEN ROOM Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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