NICA live: Heidi Bayer KORSH

Heidi Bayer - NICA artist since 2020 - presents her latest project KORSH. Together with double bassist Robert Landfermann, Sven Decker on tenor saxophone and bass clarinet, Oli Steidle on drums and Norwegian accordionist Kalle Moberg, the trumpeter and composer realizes her idea of transferring and rediscovering the accordion, which is often located in a folkloristic context, into another musical space.

In the course of her research for the realization of KORSH, Bayer came across Moberg's debut album "The Tokyo Sessions Volume 1: Unheard of Kalle Moberg", which the Norwegian had released in February 2019. After that it was clear: with him or not at all! Because Moberg knows how to explore and play his instrument in an unusual way. Behind his sounds, electronic arrangements, flutes, clarinets or an organ in need of repair can be assumed - exactly this corresponded to Bayer's ideas and as the collaboration shows, these are still supplemented and exceeded by numerous facets. In August 2021 the five musicians recorded their first album together (Korsh), which was released in April 2022 by Tangible Music - the curiosity of all participants to push the sound of their instruments to the limits bears extremely audible fruit on it.

In addition to strong and catchy melodies and sophisticated richness of detail, Bayer's music leaves room for free islands that make their way between and within the compositions, connecting together what belongs connected. Conceptually, there are individual motifs that run through many of her pieces like a delicate thread through a suite. Elements of film and video game music, contemporary jazz, hip-hop, punk rock, and improvised music merge in her compositions to create an overall sound that bears the initial letters of the individuals who make it up: KORSH.

Update 21.09.2022: Due to illness, Kalle Moberg will unfortunately not be performing at this concert. He will be substituted by the Belgian accordionist Stan Maris.

Mon, 26.09.2022
Concert Highlight!

Heidi Bayer (trumpet, flugelhorn), Sven Decker (bassclarinet, tenor sax), Stan Maris (accordion), Robert Landfermann (double bass), Oli Steidle (drums)

Jazz, Improvisierte Musik

jaki Start 20:00

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