Nguyên Lê “Silk & Sand”

w/ Rhani Krija & Chris Jennings

"Silk & Sand" is Nguyên Lê's new discographic and scenic project: a trio with Chris Jennings on double bass and Rhani Krija on drums. In the intimate dream of "Silk & Sand" is the image of the miracle of pure expression, of free, spontaneous and unrestricted creativity. Starting from nothing to face, while adapting to each moment. Always in motion thanks to improvisation, always in balance because the eyes are wide on the flow of life.

Nguyên Lê was born in Paris to Vietnamese parents. For more than 20 years, he has combined his identity as a jazz guitarist with the creation of projects about Vietnam (Tales from Viêt-Nam, Huong Thanh, Hanoi Duo, Overseas), North Africa (Maghreb & Friends, Karim Ziad, Dhafer Youssef) and the West (Etienne Mbappé), the West Indies (Ultramarine), Turkey (Kudsi Erguner), India and Japan (Saiyuki) and Korea (Baraji).

While becoming an internationally recognized and sought-after jazz musician, Nguyên Lê has multiplied his experience in proofreading and arranging traditional music from many countries. Exploring each ethnic characteristic like a treasure, his identity as a jazz musician became more and more unique. Collaborating with traditional musicians changed his music and shaped his mind. Nguyên Lê now responds to this gift given to him by writing personal compositions resulting from this inner fusion.

Wed, 26.04.2023
Concert Highlight!

Nguyên Lê (guitar), Chris Jennings (bass), Rhani Krija (drums)


concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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