Änderung beachten: NICA live: Heidi Bayer's VIRTUAL LEAK

Achtung Änderung: Leider kann die Band VIRTUAL LEAK kurzfristig heute nicht wie geplant spielen. Der Konzertabend findet dennoch wie geplant und unter Beteiligung weiterer Musiker:innen statt.

Sometimes plans come to an unexpected end and spontaneity is necessary: trumpeter and composer Heidi Bayer proves the same - also in collaboration with other NICA arists - when she presents a new constellation for this evening because her band VIRTUAL LEAK cannot perform. Two sets will be performed, featuring pieces by Bayer as well as trombonist Janning Trumann, and the musicians involved will meet in an unplanned moment of improvisation. An evening to be awaited with excitement!

Set 1:

Heidi Bayer – trumpet, flugelhorn
Janning Trumann – trombone
Duy Luong – double bass
Karl Degenhart – drums

Set 2:

Musicians from the first set plus:

Tamara Lukasheva – vocals
Luise Volkmann – saxophone
Philip Zoubek – piano


Heidi Bayer's Virtual Leak is the ideal starting point for the bandleader, trumpeter and composer to develop her compositional ideas for reduced instrumentation and to create a place of joint inventing, warping and mingling at the pulse of time.

Formed in late summer 2018 by the Cologne-by-choice, the band without harmony instrument released their debut album "Virtual Leak" on Tangible Music in March 2020. The released compositions reveal a vast playground of sophisticated complexity and richness of detail, witty condensations and unabashed verve - all with a twinkle in the eye. Melodies after melodies - here and there playfully interlaced and processed in counterpoint, culminate in passages rich in contrast. Harmonies in the classical sense are literally lost and yet always within reach.

Rhythmically flowing, more energetic than a butter croissant and full of surprises and twists, Virtual Leak is a band in which classical jazz elements and free forms of expression do not exclude each other, but rather give each other a helping hand.

Heidi Bayer has been part of the NICA artist development program, based at Stadtgarten Köln, since 2020. The concert series "NICA live" offers a framework for existing projects and bands of NICA artists, opens the possibility to bring previously unheard and new constellations on stage or to curate concert evenings themselves.

Mon, 07.08.2023
Concert Highlight!

Heidi Bayer (trumpet, flugelhorn), Johannes Ludwig (alto saxophone), Phil Donkin (double bass), Karl Degenhardt (drums)

Jazz, Improvisation

GREEN ROOM Start 20:00

5 € Presale Please note: vendors of presale-tickets may charge additional fees. 8 € Box Office

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