Multiphonics Festival: Sketchbook 4

Saxophonist and clarinettist Leonhard Skorupa is one of the busiest creative minds in the Austrian jazz scene. Whereby jazz is a fundamental, but only one of many varieties of his thought splinters and sound sketches. Skorupa is not a dogmatist who thinks in narrow genre boundaries, but rather a clever free spirit, refreshingly unpredictable, carried by sheer bursting energy. His "Sketchbook" comes in two versions: as an orchestra, but also as a seething quartet, saturated with countless stylistic influences. Straight-ahead or surf rock, Shostakovich or Ligeti, minimal music or club culture, down-to-earth rock or electronic music: for Skorupa everything is possible, everything he makes audible. Always in the middle of the dense band sound: Skorupa's clarinet and Daniel Moser's bass clarinet as pillars of an intoxicating sound brew of guitar riffs, FX and samples. The Sketchbook Quartet's second album is called "When Was The Last Time...", and as enigmatic as it is exuberant, the very first track adds to this question: "... you saw a Chevrolet in Toyko?"

Tue, 20.09.2022
Concert Highlight!

Leonhard Skorupa (saxophone, clarinet, synth, samples), Andi Tausch (guitar), Daniel Moser (bass clarinet, fx), Konstantin Kräutler (drums)


concert hall Start 21:15

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