Moving Krippenspielers & Jimi Hering Weihnachts Experience

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The Moving Krippenspielers are now a Cologne-Austrian cult band. For their 15th anniversary, they are bringing a big present to the Stadtgarten for their fans. As every year, there will not only be a new nativity play and new Christmas song arrangements, but this time a second, equally crazy band, Jimi Hering Christmas Experience, will also be performing on the Stadtgarten stage. Contemplation knows no mercy this year.

Moving Krippenspielers:
We've certainly never heard the familiar Christmas carols like this before. Sometimes a cozy three-part choir sounds, reminiscent of an Allgäu Christmas parlor with a warm wood-burning stove. Then again, two tubas groove with complementary drum beats and rock up to real big city riffs. Boogie, gospel, Bach - pretty much anything is possible here. Five outstanding musicians stage a nativity play that is second to none.
Inspired by mischief and masterful craftsmanship, the Moving Krippenspielers create a new version of the well-known Christmas story that leaves plenty of room for creativity and interaction on stage. Around thirty instruments, Christmas carols, costumes, singing and a few folk dances - these are the ingredients for this timeless and innovative nativity play. Folk meets jazz meets Balkan meets Calipso meets funk meets punk meets classical meets reggae meets disco beat meets avant-garde meets three-part singing meets comedy. The result is anything but predictable - but incredibly funny.

Jimi Hering Christmas Experience:
Every year, the true heroes of minimalism in general and the pre-Christmas season in particular take the chestnuts out of the eternal fire of irrelevance. German Christmas tradition, rock, blues, soul and jazz come together in a cheerful, contemplative, sometimes furious Christmas mash-up. The Doors, Elvis, Harry Belafonte, Zappa, John Cage and the Beastie Boys, among others, have their doors opened from time to time, rarely slammed shut in their faces. All presented in the special Jimi Hering sound and using all the available means that were and are available: Unbridled imagination, loving irreverence and detailed spontaneity.
Slogan: Tomorrow, kids, there'll be something!

The Jimi Hering Christmas Experience and Moving Krippenspielers are brothers and sisters in spirit, which is why they will squeeze onto the stage together at the end and be heard together for the first time in Cologne.

Fri, 15.12.2023
Concert Highlight!

Moving Krippenspielers: Matthias Schriefl (trumpet, french horn, alphorn, saxophones, accordion, vocals), Anna Tropper-Lener (violine, keyboard, bass, guitar, recorder flutes), Simon Rummel (piano, viola, euphonium, recorder flutes, vocals), Johannes Bär (tuba, clarinet, trombone, beatbox, vocals), Philipp Zdebel (drums, vocals), JHWE: Rjiner aka The Electric Single Kid (vocals, rattle), Dr. Beutelspacher (guitar, vocals), TC Debus (double bass, vocals), Hering Cerin (drums, vocals)


concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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