Microtub is Robin Hayward (microtonal F Tuba), Peder Simonsen (microtonal C tuba) and Martin Taxt (microtonal C tuba). Since their formation in 2010 they have presented their music at festivals such as Sonic Acts in Amsterdam, Ultima Festival in Oslo, Festival Densites in France, Kongsberg Jazz in Norway and FIMAV in Canada. They have also toured in Mexico, Germany and Japan. Microtub is releasing their fifth full length album 'Sonic Drift' on SOFA in December 2020.

Their previous albums Bite of the Orange (2016), Star System (2014) and Microtub (2011), all released on Sofa Music, received widespread international critical acclaim.

(...)Each of FIMAV’s strongest performers made new space and created new levels of resonance, whether literally and physically or culturally and psychologically. Perhaps none did so more than Microtub, with Robin Hayward, Peder Simonsen, and Martin Taxt playing three of the world’s four microtonal tubas. Together they explored compositions that created tremendous temporal space using long tones, then found in their rare instruments very specific, previously unheard pitch intervals, distances that took close listening into new territory.(...) Stuart Broomer, Music Works

(...)Together the three tubas, positioned in a circle around a geometric construction, created deep consonances that dissolved seamlessly into palpable, oscillating dissonances—hard work on a brass instrument. But the result was a subtle, nuanced performance, full of oceanic movement despite the seeming stillness of the piece(...) Suzanne Lorge, New York City Jazz Records

Consisting of three fully microtonal tubas, Microtub is the world’s first microtonal tuba ensemble. Microtub will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2020 with a tour of Europe.

Tue, 21.09.2021
Concert Highlight!

Robin Hayward (microtonal F-tuba), Peder Simonsen (microtonal C-tuba), Martin Taxt (microtonal C-tuba)

Modern, Contemporary, Microtonal, Just-Intonation

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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