Mascha Corman's emco // Endlichkeit

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End - what does it mean? Something good? Sadness? Clarity? One thing is certain: something stops, is over, for better or for worse. Suddenly you are faced with something new. Does "end" always mean at the same time that something is finally over? Or is there always a beginning in every end? We are happy when the illness is finally over, the exam passed, the summer is back and the child is born. And we are sad when the vacation is over, the love is over, the cell phone is broken or the wine is empty. And yet everything goes on. Always. We don't want our loved ones to leave us, beautiful days to pass, special events to come to an end. So we try to hold on to moments, to preserve memories, to keep the end away from us.

The ensemble emco around singer and composer Mascha Corman likes to move on thin ice, to surprise and enchant. Lots of improvisation, beautiful melodies and lyrics that address what needs to be said! Music that immediately arrives where it belongs: in the ear. under the skin. and in the middle of the heart.

The ensemble has invited the Swiss violinist Laura Schuler for the project Endlichkeit.

Thu, 04.08.2022

Mascha Corman (vocals, electronics), Jonathan Hofmeister (piano, synthesizer), Laura Schuler (violin), Florian Herzog (bass), Karl F. Degenhardt (drums, electronics)

Jazz, Improvisation, Electronics

GREEN ROOM Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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