Le Pop La Série: Albin de la Simone & Thomas Baas – das gezeichnete Konzert

Albin de la Simone is perhaps the central figure of the Parisian chanson scene. In addition to his own career, he sits at the piano for many of his colleagues in the studio and on stage. These include Vanessa Paradis, -M-, Mathieu Boogaerts and Keren Ann, among others. Most recently, he appeared as the producer of Carla Bruni and Pomme's frenetically acclaimed second album. We know him primarily as a singer and pianist - numerous contributions to Le Pop compilations have come from him. His last chanson album "L'Un de Nous" is one of the most beautiful of recent years. One song from it, "Le Grand Amour", even made it into the Netflix series "Dynasty".

A concert by this wonderful, melodic and soulful chansonier would be a fantastic experience on its own, but de la Simone has come up with something very special: for our concert series, he is bringing along his friend Thomas Baas. Baas is a full-time book illustrator. A new version of "The Pied Piper of Hamelin" designed by him was recently published in Germany, and his Instagram channel is a feast for the eyes. For this concert, Baas will interpret the music live in drawing: directly on paper - projected onto screen by camera, the very first time to be seen and heard like this in Germany. The last time Albin de la Simone was a guest at the Music Triennale in the Stadtgarten was in 2004.

Wed, 03.11.2021
Concert Highlight!

Albin de la Simone (piano), Thomas Baas (painting)


concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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