Theresia Philipp © Lukas Diller // Bo van der Werf OCTURN © Filipa Cardoso // Ablaye Cissoko © Youri Lenquette

Klaeng Festival: Theresia Philipp "Ain’t I" // Ablaye Cissoko // OCTURN + special guest JORIS ROELOFS

Open the windows, also at KLAENG! The festive Kla(e)ngbuch of the "Solo Edition" in the Corona year 2020 is now followed by the KLAENG Festival of Wide Views.

Theresia Philipp "Ain't I ?"

With "Ain't I ?" Theresia Philipp takes a musical and political stand: "As a musician, I am constantly reflecting on my work and its social significance," she says, sending a clear message. "Ain ́t I ?" confronts the global issue of gender-based discrimination. Her ensemble reflects social diversity, hearing speeches from Sojouner Truth ("Ain ́t I a woman?") and Malala Yousafzai (before the UN Congress), as well as quotes from Trin Thi Minh Ha. As part of their KLAENG residency, the project will have its world premiere at the festival!

Ablaye Cissoko

Kora player and singer Ablaye Cissoko represents the new generation of musicians from Senegal. With an open mind, he combines his West African Mandinka roots with influences from classical music, jazz and other currents. His album "African Jazz Roots" (2012) with Simon Goubert is a milestone of contemporary jazz, and his collaboration with trumpeter Volker Goetze is no less captivating in revealing the world-musical breadth and beauty of Cissoko's musical cosmos.

OCTURN + special guest JORIS ROELOFS

Hardly any other jazz ensemble is as elusive as OCTURN from Brussels. Bo van der Werf constantly changes the compositional and instrumental concept without ever losing sight of his personal approach to composition and group improvisation. Everything is in constant flux, forming sonic worlds out of the new and as yet unknown - now in the exciting encounter with Dutchman Joris Roelofs, who can be heard exclusively on the bass clarinet.

Fri, 19.11.2021
Concert Highlight!

Theresia Philipp (alto saxophone, clarinet), Defne Şahin (vocals), Shannon Barnett (trombone, vocals), Robert Lucaciu (double bass), Rajiv Jaraweera (drums), Ablaye Cissoko (kora, vocals), Bo van der Werf (bariton saxophone, clarinet), Joris Roelofs (bass clarinet), Jozef Dumoulin (keyboard), Fabian Fiorini (piano), Dré Pallemaerts (drums)

Jazz, Improvisation

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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