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Klaeng die Serie: Miles Perkin Solo & RE: Calamari

Das Konzert ist reihenbestuhlt - es erfolgt eine feste Sitzplatzvergabe über den Vorverkauf bzw die Abendkasse sowie die Kontaktdatenerfassung zur Rückverfolgbarkeit. Die geltenden Hygienevorschriften im Haus sind zu beachten.

For the 22nd episode of the KLAENG series our KLAENGsters invite two exciting projects: The solo program of the Canadian Election Berliner Miles Perkin and the new top-class band RE:CALAMARI around the bassist Oliver Lutz from Cologne. That will be exciting!

Miles Perkin Solo
Raw . Huge . Beautiful . Intense .

An outlier on his instrument, Miles Perkin puts the double bass at the forefront in a way you’ve never seen before. Under his crystal clear singing voice, he unearths the vast possibilities the massive instrument has to offer; from the extended low range, to screaming overtones, to propulsive percussive effects. All of this is enhanced by feeding higher frequencies through stereo tube guitar amps, and by occasionally hitting some drums. The music combines ambient soundscapes, deft songwriting, precise execution and a particular form of virtuosity that always prioritises the intention of the music.

Four exceptional musicians, one pulsating unit, modern creative jazz: that's what the band RE: CALAMARI stands for. The quartet around the Cologne double bass player Oliver Lutz and the award-winning Berlin alto saxophonist Wanja Slavin promises "a little bit more of everything". In concrete terms this means: more joy in playing, more energy, more passion. The band includes Pablo Held, himself one of the most successful jazz pianists in Europe - he inspires as a sideman with a never-ending spiral of new thoughts and motives. In addition, Andi Haberl, who appears among others as drummer of The Notwist, enriches the music with his varied and furious drum playing. Together these four outstanding musicians release an incomparable power; according to the motto: "Now is the time to give everything. The source can express itself, because something always follows". The composer and bandleader Oliver Lutz, born in Hanau and living in Cologne, will produce his first album "Signal" in 2014. Two years later follows "Poolparty" and currently the exciting project RE: CALAMARI, whose first CD will be released in late summer 2020.

Sun, 20.09.2020
Concert Highlight!

Miles Perkin (double-bass, voice), Wanja Slavin (saxophone), Pablo Held (keyboards), Oliver Lutz (bass), Andi Haberl (drums)

Experimental, Creative Jazz, Jazz

concert hall Start 18:00 Doors 17:00

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