Jazz at JAKI: Melt Trio

On the countless concerts and tours all over the world, the three Berliners have refined their special style more and more and show even stronger creative will in details. Their combination of acoustic and electronic sounds seems more subtle and at the same time more powerful than ever, concrete influences from jazz and classical modernism to post- and prog-rock are at best dimly discernible, because the music simply sounds like Melt Trio. It is and remains a guitar trio without any comparison. "Melt is neither Nirvana on jazz, nor Bill Frisell Trio in rock, nor Massacre in ambient. Melt is Melt, unique, individual, gripping and moving," it was once said elsewhere.

"Melt stands for our idea and vision to make music together and develop new music: we connect, merge, glow. Energy, flow, movement. All songs were recorded live and together. We wanted to capture the energy, the dynamics, the creativity that we have developed together in countless concerts, what we have 'played' as a band live on the recordings.

In post-production, this core was sonically supported and expanded. New sounds, elements and parts were also added, which merged with the core of the live performance," explains Peter Meyer.

The Melt Trio has been nominated three times for the ECHO JAZZ and has been featured by Arte Concerts, Arte Tracks, FAZ, taz, RONDO, Jazzpodium, Jazzthetik and Jazzthing, among others.

Sat, 18.03.2023

Moritz Baumgärtner (drums), Bernhard Meyer (Bass), Peter Meyer (guitar)


jaki Start 20:00 Doors 19:30

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