Jazz at JAKI: Eva Swiderski "Ever Evolving"


The band's title says it all, because you can literally feel how the quintet around singer Eva Swiderski unfolds anew with every sound and every atmospheric change of mood on stage, and how it could continue to evolve for all eternity. There is nothing arbitrary in this admirable unpredictability: five first-class, multi-award-winning musicians stroll through the melodious, sometimes dreamy-melancholic, sometimes following a completely free sound aesthetic, who have found their very special form of expression.
form of expression. Led by the outstanding voice of Eva Swiderski and the spherical excursions of Kerstin Haberecht, all five individualists combine to form a danc
all five individualists combine to create a dense, incredibly intense band sound full of harmonies, atmospheres and weightless sound constructions, undisguised and sincere, free of any posturing.
Ever Evolving - it could go on and on like this.

Sat, 25.02.2023
Concert Highlight!

Eva Swiderski (vocals, fx), Kerstin Haberecht (alto saxophone, flute), Svetlana Marinchenko (piano), Anna Größbrink (bass), Lisa Wilhelm (drums)


jaki Start 20:00

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