Jazz at Green Room: Hannah Köpf

The musical cosmos that the Cologne singer/songwriter Hannah Köpf has created with her songs moves between folk, New Orleans soul, Americana, jazz and Southern country. And it sounds so natural with her, as if she had never heard anything else than these original American genres even as a child. People like to emphasize the melancholy, the wistfulness that lies in these lonely lyrics. Her brilliantly clear singing, her ability to effortlessly cross genre boundaries with her voice. Everything about it is right. But it is equally remarkable with how much dynamism, force and soul her songs are musically shaped.

With this concert, the Cologne singer fulfills her long-cherished dream of performing her own songs and favorite songs from the fund of folk and country classics with a larger cast. For this evening she has put together a band of fantastic musicians. Her permanent band, with which she has been on stage for a decade, is complemented by the beautiful voices of singers Veronika Morscher & Lydia Schiller. They are both firmly anchored in the Cologne jazz scene and also share Köpf's love of folk-related music. Joon Laukamp is a passionate multi-instrumentalist and lover of bluegrass and completes the band sound in a magical way.

Sun, 04.06.2023
Concert Highlight!

Hannah Köpf (vocals, piano, guitar), Veronika Morscher (vocals), Lydia Schiller (vocals), Joon Laukamp (fiddle, mandoline), Bastian Ruppert (guitar), Nico Brandenburg (bass), Tim Dudek (drums)


GREEN ROOM Start 18:00 Doors 17:00

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