Alexej Malakhau © Nadin Targiel

Jazz at Green Room: Alexej Malakhau

Bitte beachten Sie die geltenden Hygiene- und Kontaktrückverfolgungsvorschriften: Bitte halten Sie sich darüber hinaus weiterhin an die AHA-Regeln (Abstand halten, Hygiene beachten, Maske tragen) und bleiben Sie zu Hause, wenn Sie sich krank fühlen. Vielen Dank!

"LEIBLICH is inspired by formative events of my life, which represent the elements of my personality. They have passed over into body and soul. I feel my compositions in this project are nostalgic, melancholic, but also romantic and free. Great artists contribute to the corporeality of my music with their different characters." - Alexei Malakhau

"Elegant and balanced, the music of Alexei Malakhau's quintet presents itself. The balance concerns all musical elements: rest, movement, rhythm, harmony and melody, as well as the relationship between composition and improvisation. The group's co-creators are absolutely equal, all playing at the same eye and ear level. The result is a warm sound that encourages you to daydream and fall in love - State of The Art." -

"Malakhau and his fellow musicians, all masters of their craft, consistently know how to adequately bring the saxophonist's quiet and often melancholy material to life." -

Table for 2: 20,00 €
Table for 4: 40,00 €

Sun, 15.08.2021
Concert Highlight!

Alexej Malakhau (saxophone), Simon Seidl (piano), Vitaliy Zolotov (guitar), Joscha Oetz (double bass), Mareike Wiening (drums)


GREEN ROOM Start 18:00 Doors 17:00

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