Hauschka & Kai Angermann

For the composer and pianist Hauschka, the essence of his work lies in constantly challenging himself to new musical experimentation. His subject is the grand piano, which he approaches as an acoustic body. At the beginning of his solo career, he specialized in preparing the instrument with tape, felt, and other materials. He transforms clubs and concert venues into sonic laboratories, where the audience can experience the interplay between analysis and intuition. For his albums, he has repeatedly ventured into new experimental arrangements – from electronica to the purist approach of his work "A Different Forest" (2019). It is the diversity of our existence that he makes audible in his songs, be it global questions about the future on his album "What If" (2017), or the proliferation and decay of urban life on "Abandoned City" (2014).

Kai Angermann
Kai Angermann lives in Düsseldorf/Germany. He studied percussion at Cologne University of Music and at the Drummers Institute in Düsseldorf and the Drummers Collective in New York. Kai Angermann operates as an independent artist, drummer and soloist and music teacher.
In addition to his work on band and ensemble his musical interest focuses on improvisational music and on projects which interact and get in touch with other art forms. He realizes his musical ideas drawing from the rich body of percussion and making use of the electronic alienation of acoustic sounds. As particularly attractive he would call the handling of electronics and the possibilities to influence the musical “material” as well as the variety of percussion instruments.

Sat, 28.01.2023
Concert Highlight!

Hauschka (piano, electronics), Kai Angermann (percussion)

Electronica, Experimental

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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