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Hard Boiled Wonderland

Music Resistance

When if not now?
Hard Boiled Wonderland is an international collective from Cologne, Germany, with over 15 musicians* and singers*. They present a new form of political concert: a radical performance with music and lyrics as a reaction to the most diverse social, societal and ecological issues of our time. With Hard Boiled Wonderland the group offers loud resistance and "echo". Quotes and texts from various sources (print media TV, net, books, social media etc.) are implemented into the music and the focus of the full-length music performance.

The collective:
Hard Boiled Wonderland was initiated by jazz bassist and 2-time ECHO prize winner Sebastian Gramss. Together with Tamara Lukasheva, Marjana Sadovska, Jacky Bastek, Maximilian Hilbrand, Lucas Leidinger, Teresia Philipp, Rodrigo Lopez-Klingenfuss, Christian Lorenzen and Thomas Sauerborn, the collective was founded to raise it's voice:
"It is not acceptable that we as musicians, in our striving for artistic expression and progress, perceive current social developments merely as "from a different world" and watch in amazement from our niche, how our society degenerates, collapses and sinks into ever new and until recently unthinkable lows! We want and have to use our influence and weight as public figures, our creativity and music to face the current issues of our time. When will we reach the point where resistance becomes a duty?"
Award-winning musicians* and singers* from various musical genres (jazz, songwriting indie rock, triphop, folk, avant-garde) come together and unite in a common resistance: loud, ironic, poetic, unsparing and creative at the same time.

Tamara Lukasheva (Ukraine/D) - voice
Marjana Sadovska (Ukraine/D) - voice
Maximilian Hilbrand - voice
Choir: "Les Saxosythes"

Theresia Phillip - saxophone, flutes
Lucas Leidinger - keys, piano
Thomas Sauerborn - percussion
Christian Lorenzen - keys
Sebastian Gramss - double bass
Rodrigo Lopez-Klingenfuss (Argentina) - guitar

Special guests:
Sumudi Suraweera (Sri Lanka) – drums
Helen Svoboda (Australia) - double bass

Keynote lecture/presentation: Jürgen Wiebicke (WDR 5, Das Philosophische Radio)
Director: Sebastian Gramss

Sat, 15.02.2020
Concert Highlight!

Tamara Lukasheva (vocals), Marjana Sadovska (vocals), Maximilian Hilbrand (vocals), Les Saxosythes (Chor), Theresia Phillip (saxophone, flutes), Lucas Leidinger (keys, piano), Thomas Sauerborn (drums), Christian Lorenzen (keys), Sebastian Gramss (bass), Rodrigo Lopez-Klingenfuss (guitar), Sumudi Suraweera (drums), Helen Svoboda (bass), Jürgen Wiebicke (impulse lecture, presentation), Sebastian Gramss (leader)

Jazz, Avantgarde, Big Band, Performance

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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