Halloween-Mittanzgelegenheit im Stadtgarten

+++ When the wet foliage blows through the hallway and the first pumpkin heads whistle after you in the Belgian Quarter, then it's fucking time for the Halloween dance in the Stadtgarten +++

Real connoisseurs of the spectacle know what's going on: besides the big hall, the restaurant for any party ecstasy is also always in demand, as is the JAKI (former Studio 672). The past few years have shown that Halloween is an almost frightening time for dancing together. Details may not be told, because on the one hand the escapades are subject to medical secrecy, on the other hand it has clouded the memory of numerous fellow dancers due to high-percentage unrestrainedness.

Once again this party night will be a powerful bass on the floor. Five-star party beats with the extra portion of Kölsch.
To put it plainly: The complete crew of fellow dancers will be honoured at the mixing desk: from the mangy coyote DJ Szabotage to Soundmaster Bulle Butterstulle (Cream, baby!). In addition there are the witnesses of the prosecution and another load of DJ-haluns, among others Schiko the Pico (Riga, Warsaw, main thing East!) and Jonnynz. In the JAKI Szabotage & A mutt called Katze screw together solid boards from the Indie Rock Metal Crossover Punk department.

Last but not least: The grandiose and virtuoso PHIL PHADER goes with you on the very big dream dancer tour and has extraterrestrially good sounds and skills in his hand luggage!

Covering is of course possible, but not a must ...

Thu, 31.10.2019

Electronica, Pop, HipHop, Funk

all area
Start 22:30

10 € Presale Please note: vendors of presale-tickets may charge additional fees. 10 € Box Office

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