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Fuchsthone Orchestra

Contemporary, orchestral big band sound crosses boundaries and breaks with established listening habits.
The Fuchsthone Orchestra is anything but a conventional big band. With violin, vocals and electronics added to the line-up, the 20 award-winning musicians represent the state of the art of contemporary large jazz ensembles. In the works of band leaders Christina Fuchs and Caroline Thon, brute tutti passages and brass voicings à la Maria Schneider are followed by moments of silence, interspersed with collective improvisations by smaller sub-units of the band. An impressive musical experience that makes full use of the diverse timbres and combination possibilities of the instruments involved.

Since its foundation in 2019, the Fuchsthone Orchestra has established itself as one of the leading, innovative large ensembles in Germany. In 2021, they were nominated for the German Jazz Award. 2023 they released their debut album Structures & Beauty on ENJA Records and were celebrated by the audience on their release tour! In 2024 - their fifth year - the ensemble is breaking new ground. Reloaded #6 is all about visualization, improvisation and new ensemble formats.

Rich in textures, brilliant arrangements and solo highlights, the Fuchsthone Orchestra fascinates, clairvoyantly anchored in the present and at the same time visionarily focused on the future. Rousing and touching, urgent and challenging. The more than 20 musicians, many of them award-winning and with a long-standing presence on the jazz scene, make up this superior ensemble that impressively transports you to new worlds.

Thu, 30.05.2024

Christina Fuchs (lead, composition, conductor), Caroline Thon (lead, composition, conductor), Roger Hanschel, Julian Drach, Veit Lange, Jens Böckamp, Kira Linn (saxes), Jan Schneider, Matthias Knoop, John-Dennis Renken, Matthias Bergmann (trumpets), Philipp Schittek, Jonathan Böbel, Moritz Wesp (trombones), Wolfgang Schenk (basstrombone, tuba), Zuzana Leharovà (violin), Barbara Barth (vocals), Laia Genc (piano), Andreas Wahl (guitar), Alex Morsey (bass), Jens Düppe (drums), Eva Pöpplein (electronics, live samples)

Electronica, Contemporary Jazz

concert hall Start 20:00 Doors 19:00

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